I haven’t updated in a while because things got crazy and weird here for a while. They are still pretty weird, but I think it’ll end up ok.
I am moving again, and so am selling pretty much all of my current projects. Moving the shop last time was the biggest pain in the ass ever, and I really don’t want to go through that again.
As big of a bummer as it was, I sold ciaociao to a fellow Los Dorados member who, very kindly, offered to sell it back to me should I ever want it back. Glad you got it, Spoo.
The GPR Laguna project and the Magnum are going to one of my PNW lovers, Shannon, who will treat them right. He’s a professional bad ass car builder dude, and builds awesome bikes too, so it should be fun to see what he does with them.
Trotter went to Chris of the Land Squids because he loves those weirdo bikes.
The Virago is going to Portland, it should fit right in up there I think.
That Yamaha Trailmaster enduro thing I have is going to David Ciao in SF to replace his dumb Bajaj
The rest of my projects still need a home, though.
DR350 and parts bike
SR250 project
Dirty the dirt bike general
50cc Moby VLX racer thing
Puch A.D. H2O Hobbit mashup Bully raffle bike (I wish I could keep this one, but it needs an engine rebuild and I don’t have the time or energy to deal with it)
KTM Foxi rolling frame with a rusty gas tank
and the 68 Ford F250 longbed

I might keep one or two of those, it depends on the moving situation. I am for sure keeping Amsy, I’m still building Austin’s AMS so I figure I should just build them both side by side, which means I’ll also be keeping my Sachs parts.

I was going to keep the truck, but finding an engine for it has been difficult (V8s everywhere, but I wanted to keep it the I6). I have been watching craigslist like a hawk for a donor truck or van with no luck. An engine did come up, but it was gone already when I called about it. It’s been tough.
However, in my cl searching, it would seem I have found a replacement for the truck. I don’t want to go into it too much right now as I haven’t even seen it in person yet, but I may be picking up a vehicle I’ve wanted all my life but never really thought I’d get to own. I’m going to check it out tomorrow, cash in hand.
If that works out, I’ll be posting all sorts of fun four wheeled stuff here.

Anyway, sorry for the long, pictureless rant. I’m not sure where I’ll be moving to, it very well could be the Oregon coast, at least for a while. Once I get moved and settled, I’m going to build the shit out of a couple Sachs, a motorcycle or two, and hopefully my new ________!

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