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more sr250 parts!

well ok, just one new part. the vm32 came yesterday! it’s a super rad little carb. screw top and main jet access on the bottom of the float bowl’s going to make it a cinch to tune, too!



probably the best part is that it fits right on to the stock intake manifold, which is still nice and supple after all these years.



the only thing really holding me back from throwing this bike together with what i’ve got and riding it around is my wheel situation. i really want to go 18’s front and rear, but rims are so expensive. i think i might be better off scouring ebay for 36 hole dirt bike rear wheels that aren’t totally beat and re-purposing the rims, you can usually pick one up for around $50. that’s like half the price of a single aftermarket rim.
actually, i think i might do that. i’m trying to keep the total price of this bike under $1000. original purchase price, all parts, paint, reg, everything. i’m totally on track to making my goal, but i gotta be careful and buy cheap everywhere i can!

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