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sparkle butt maxi

a couple weeks ago i got sparkle but to sac thanks to my buddy ryan. it’s been super nice on the weekends lately and i’ve gotten to go out on a couple rides. this is such a fun bike!
i think i’ll probably be out on it again this weekend, i’ll see if i can’t setup my gopro and get some fun video.

i really wish i could capture the color on this thing, it’s so rad.

this bike is doug’s west coast rally bike now, and after all the trouble he had with the laguna i’m going to keep riding it now and again to make sure it’s in great shape for him the next time he’s here.

oh, and sorry about not updating this as often as i was for a while there. i’ve been working on dirty and a few other bikes, taking pictures for big updates and stuff, i just haven’t posted anything in a bit.
i do upload pictures a bunch to my instagram, though. follow me there if you want more stuff more often!

prototype atomic ZA50 pucks

atomic mopeds and sf moped mechanic andy has got these new 2 speed pucks he’s wanting to prototype, so i’m letting him throw a set in sparkle butt to see how it goes. they are harder than the standard atomic pucks and supposed to be more durable for big boy kitted ZAs.

andy dropping the oil

these are a set of unfinished prototypes, the completed ones have been flattened on the edges…

…as seen here.

i didn’t really get any pictures of the process, as i was working on a scooter on the other lift for first kick. here’s sparkle butt all buttoned up after, though.


he plans to rip around on it some next week, and then hopefully i’ll be getting it to sacramento where it’ll be my little sac ripper. it’s doug’s rally bike, but i want to keep it fresh and make sure it’s not a pain in the ass for him like the laguna always was.

also, new shop toy awaiting a cart that should hopefully show up any day now
super stoked!

SPARKLE BUTT puch maxi

there’s a kinda long story behind this maxi, and it kinda goes all over the place. i had a foxi (ktm style that accepts puch engines) that i was going to build for L. but the gas tank was so rotten that it was a total loss.
i had a little k-star e50 already built for it, and had most of the parts needed to build a complete bike laying around, just no frame.
latebirds of la were throwing a rally and my bff doug wanted to fly out to sf and take me and his west coast bike (a poopy derbi laguna) down to la to play. however, i had no working mopet and no money to get one of mine back on the road.
doug, being the total sweetie that he is, decided to take this newport frame he has hanging in his garage (in upstate new york, btw) and get it powdercoated all crazy rainbow darkness and ship it over to me, free of charge.



with doug’s frame i was able to throw together sparkle butt maxi, using the front end and rear shocks from black betty, the rear wheel for my moby 50cc race bike that hasn’t happened yet, bars from dirty, a borrowed hi-pipe from atomic andy, seat donated by the lovely dr.thomas and a slew of other random bits i had laying about.



we went to la and the rally kicked ass. sparkle butt, however, sucked ass. that pipe, you see, it meant for a high-strung 80cc dirt bike, not a not-even-ported kstar with a 19mm carb. i had no low end at all. once the thing finally got moving, though, the pipe would come on and it would book for being a not-even-ported kstar with a 19mm carb!

(_stole this picture from the late bird’s facebook page. dunno who took it_)

down hill it ripped!

a little while later it was creatures’ turn for a rally. andy took back his pipe and i traded the e50 bottom end for a za50. with the help of paz, i rebuilt the bottom end with a race crank, new bearings and paz shift pucks. flipped the first gear clutch and ported the cases for a gila.
i had a proma circuit pipe laying around that was meant for L’s foxi forever ago, and a 21mm carb left over from some other project. atomic andy made me an intake manifold and i was good to go.




this time the bike performed flawlessly. i threw some buddy pegs on and L and i ripped around sf on a post rally date with fellow dorados troy.

sparkle butt is now doug’s west coast ripper (till further notice) while i get silly on his poopy laguna. more on that in a later post.

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