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DR350 tear down





I was going to tear it down all the way, but I figured I’d leave it on wheels for now. Makes it easier to move around.


Finally got everything from SF. Now to get organized and get busy!








This isn’t all of them, there’s still the Motobecane VLX, Critical Miss, HobBAD Sparkle Butt, Ciao Ciao and the other DR350. But now everything’s more or less in one place and I’ve got my tools. I’m stoked!

Pretty pictures of the DR

I don’t have anything new to share due to most of my projects and all of my tools being in San Francisco, but I’m taking a big box truck to go get them all tomorrow morning! I’m excited!

In the meantime, here are some pretty pictures of the DR taken by the previous owner and posted on his website.








I’m thinking about putting the stock tank back on for commuting since I don’t really ever need four gallons of gas and those graphics are so rad, but I don’t know.

Depending on how late I get back tomorrow, I’ll try to get some pictures of the fun projects I’m bringing home. All in all I have 15 or 16 motorcycles and mopeds of my own, plus a couple projects for friends that need to be done, so hopefully I’ll be good on content for a while.

dirtbag challenge 2013 bike – critical miss v1

ryan and i dragged out the kawasaki roadrunner we tried to build a few years ago and made it our 2013 dirtbag build. everything we did all those years ago had to be done over, but in the end it turned out to be a fun little ripper.
well, until the piston melted down on the dirtbag ride. as it turns out, taking a 46 year old 120cc two stroke trail bike with stock gearing out on the freeway for miles isn’t a great idea. who would have thought?
obviously we didn’t “finish” it, but with ~$300 and probably ~15-20 hours invested, we didn’t do that bad. the bike had been sitting in a guy’s back yard for 20 years or more when we got it and i had to break up the stock piston with a hammer to get it out of the cylinder. we are pretty stoked we even got it running in time for the dbc.
we have a new piston and ryan will be rehashing it next year for his dirtbag 2014 bike and i’ll be building something new, so i figured i’d get some shitty pictures of version one before that happens.

video of the first start at the bottom!


























new front for laguna gpr pt.2

today was a super unproductive day. kind of a bummer. i did stop by treats and picked up some tires and the fork legs for the laguna, however.
i didn’t get any pictures of putting things together, it really wasn’t that exciting or picture worthy. i just pulled the triple from the frame and cleaned up the bearings, re-packed them in grease and put it all back together.


i decided to use ebr headlight ears instead of the derbi ones. they are pretty rough and don’t fit tight on the fork at all. who ever put it together last time used some goo to keep them from moving around too much on the fork legs, and that shit was a bitch to clean off. i’m pretty sure the headlight ears will be mostly covered by the dash anyway, so whatever.


figuring out wheel spacers was a bitch. i don’t really have the means of cutting precise spacers at the moment, so i just collected a bunch of various spacers for this size axle and got it as close as i could. as you can see above, it’s pretty darn close.

i’m not super stoked on the brake rotor spacing. it sits really close to the wheel and pretty far from the fork leg. i’m not exactly sure what i’ll be doing about that just yet. i want to do some work to that rotor adapter before this thing is done anyway, so i’ll figure it out later.



the stock axle was way too long. i found a shorter one but even that was too long, i had to use spacers on the outside of the fork legs too. super ghetto. i’ll be ordering up a proper axle and some spacer material to do the whole thing right.

tomorrow i’m moving to sacramento. i got a 3 bed room house with a detached garage with an added on shed thing and a back yard for $100 less a month than i pay for my super crappy stuido here in sf. my commute is going to suck, but it’ll be worth it to have a nice place finally.
my buddy ryan has a welder and a compressor he’s going to let me use, so i should be able to finally move forward on a few of these projects. i’m pretty excited! i hope to get something finished soon!

new front for laguna gpr pt.1

i was able to throw the laguna on my lift today. i’m picking up some puch magnum hydro ebr fork legs tomorrow from treats, they are the same diameter as the stock laguna legs and will go right in the tripples.


the disk brake set up is pretty interesting. it was a good idea, but kinda poorly executed. who ever did it made an aluminum cylinder that fits pretty snug in the brake drum area and bolted it to the wheel using three allen bolts. then the disk itself is bolted to the other side of the aluminum cylinder.





the threads for the bolts are all just tapped into the aluminum and not in the best shape. i will probably drill them out and use helicoils to get some good steel threads in there. also, i’m a little concerned with those three bolts being stout enough to not ever snap, so i may swap them out with some higher grade stainless bolts, maybe even replace them with a larger size.
i just realized i didn’t get a picture of the back of the wheel with the disk adapter out, but the three bolt holes have been drilled through three flat spots similar to the five spots you can see on further out on the back of the wheel.
does that even make sense? whatever.

also, the stock fork legs are for sale if anyone wants them. get at me here if you want them. they have been rebuilt not all that long ago and the fork lowers were powdercoated black. i would replace the oil and put crush washers under the drain bolts on the lowers, as there should be some there but there isn’t. they were leaking.


no rust or pitting anywhere.


this is where i left it, i think i’ll stop by treats and grab the forks along with some other goodies in the morning on my way to work and throw them in first thing. it’ll finally have a proper caliper mount!



so it’s time for the laguna’s piston port to go.
every bolt holding that engine in was loose and covered in oil. the pipe was barely on there. this bike has had issues in the past with loosing exhaust nuts and i can see why, there’s not much room in there to get a wrench on anything! i would use those long allen nuts on this thing if i were going to keep the engine.

having never removed the engine from a laguna, i didn’t realize the swing arm pivot bolt had to come out, and that the kickstand/rear engine bracket thing was all together. kinda neat? anyway, it all came out easy enough.

new lump next to old lump. the gpr engine is quite a bit shorter.

i set the engine in the frame to get a look at things. it fits nicely! this is going to be a piece of cake! with some simple plate brackets welded to the frame the engine will go right in. sprockets line up perfect.


the engine is sitting in there a bit more forward than it will when it’s mounted i think, i have a ton of room to put it where i want to.

so yeah, the engine with the puch gila kit, custom atomic mopeds intake and derbi pipe modified to fit the gila are all up for grabs. i’ll probably post it in the buy/sell on moped army soon, but friends get dibs (if you reading this i consider you my friend! probably).
also up for grabs are the laguna plastics. the left hand side plastic has the bottom tab broken off, but i think the tab is still bolted to the bike, so one could possibly plastic weld them back together.

the engine looks right at home in the laguna. i love that it says derbi all over it too, once it’s all mounted it’ll look like it came this way from spain.

derbi laguna gpr

i moved my tool box upstairs into the moped shop area which allowed me to finally rip the engine out of the gpr. i didn’t get any pictures of that, but it was a bitch. remember the first time you tried to re-install the engine in a ciao? how frustrating and impossible that was? this was like that, but worse.
then i realized i was doing it wrong and the dumb thing came right out.

i put the gpr in the corner and put the laguna up on my lift. that’s where things sit at the moment, but i think i’ll go in tomorrow and pull the engine out of it. it’ll be up for grabs if someone wants it, along with the pipe and probably a few other laguna goodies! get at me and we’ll talk money!

the piston port moped engine is quite a bit longer than the gpr 6 speed lump, which means it should go in relatively easy with extra room inside the frame for the radiator.

some preliminary plans include a hand made sheet metal tail section that may include the exhaust baffle, possibly hand made sheet metal tins for the sides, and maybe even a mini fairing, similar to what it already has, but not broken and awkward.
a nice fork will be in the works, with a better front brake, maybe some handle bars instead of clip-ons. we’ll see!

oh man, i have so many fun projects going on!

dirty fork and a couple small things for the sr

i’ve not posted much lately because i’ve been mostly tweaking my ninja. i don’t know if anyone really cares about me and my 09 er6f, so i haven’t really bothered. if you DO want to hear about it, let me know!

anyway, i picked up this all-in-one handle bar switch thing for the sr. it’s got everything but a start button on it. if the bike were mine, i probably wouldn’t bother with half of the electrical stuff, but it’s gunna be L’s and so i say it needs it all.
i’m was a little bummed that it doesn’t have a start button on it as i didn’t plan on having any other buttons or switches on the bike, other than the ignition switch.
so why not a keyed ignition with a start position? it works like one you would find in a car, you turn the key to start and it’ll crank the bike over. you let go when it fires up and the key springs back to the on position. why don’t motorcycles use this style of ignition anyway? the only thing i can think of is they want you to be able to start the bike with both hands on the bars. there’s no other reason i can think of.
the fit and finish of both of these parts are kinda meh, but they are robust enough to hold up, i think. besides, i’m on a $1000 budget for the whole build.

oh, and my fork bits for the dirty moped showed up!
i’m totally taking this build in a different direction than i started with, and i’m super excited about it.
i also have a yz80 front wheel of the same vintage on the way. one good thing about using old little dirt bike parts is that this whole front end, including front wheel and caliper (assuming i can get one at a decent price), is shaping up to cost me a lot less than a set of hydraulic ebr moped forks, and these are much better quality.

i might be getting fancy with the rear end of the bike. i’m still sourcing parts and trying to make sure my ideas will work out on paper before i commit to spending paper. i’ll fill you in on all that later on though, once i’ve made some decisions.

so yeah. how’s life?

i’m parting out my gpr70

i bought this thing for like $300 around a year ago and never did squat with it. the engine, cooling system and possibly the fork are going on doug’s laguna, the rest is up for grabs.
i have all of the parts for it, minus a few little things i think. a friend is interested in all the plastics, so those might be spoken for. 16″ wheels, frame is titled.
i’ll get pictures of everything as i’m pulling it apart, but if you think you want anything you can get at me now. shoot an email to or just leave a comment here.

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