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some more mini magnum

so last time i had the magnum on my lift, i got the forks “kinda” on. i needed to work out a spacer for the headset nut and some spacers for the front wheel.
i was also planning on flipping the fork legs (left to right and right to left) to run the front wheel the right way around, but really, there’s no need for that with snowflake rims. it all depends on if i decide to use the speedo or not, as the speedo drive will run backwards with the wheel on backwards. i kinda do want to use the stock speedo, it’s got the actual miles of bike on it and it would be rad to run it, so we’ll see.
i also discovered one of the ball bearings had fallen out of the bottom cup upon assembly, so i pulled the fork apart again real quick to sick it back in there.

after searching high and low for a spacer, i decided to just cut the top off the headset nut and run it upside down.

i didn’t get a picture of my wheel spacers, but they aren’t anything exciting-just some washers that fit nice.

i decided to pull the side covers off to have a look at everything. plus i wanted to pull the wiring harness out. it’s not the cleanest thing, but everything’s in great shape!
i think i might replace the 12mm intake and carb with a 15mm intake and carb, but probably not right away.

the oil fill plug is still nice and rubbery! that’s rare to find on a za these days it seems.

if anyone needs a stock magnum wiring harness, including bar and brake light switches, i’ve got one for ya!



a dark poopy picture. i need a camera!

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