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Little A3 Ripper Tomos

My buddy Luke dropped his A3 Tomos by the other day for me to have a look at. The symptoms he was describing sounded like a bad condenser, though it was obvious that he had wired in an external one.
Today I threw it up on my lift and had a look-see.

A3 Tomoses are my favorite. The engine covers and overall styling is so classic.



It turned out that none of the wiring on the bike was very well connected, and the old condenser was still on the stator wired in. I pulled the flywheel and took out the old condenser, replaced a couple twisted together jumper wires with new, proper length wire and soldered it all up.

I took the bike for a good 20min ride and it rips! The Airsal / Proma Circuit combo with the two speed makes for a zippy little guy, and it should be fairly reliable! For a moped anyway.
While out on my ride I ran into a friend of mine that I haven’t seen in ages. He’s got a couple Maxis rotting away somewhere and might be down to unload one on me. I would love to get my hands on a complete bike to build my Tomahawk Cup bike from, so hopefully that works out!

I also played with some Sachs stuff a little bit. I’m excited to finally have some time to get rolling with Austin’s AMS.

I’m converting his 2 speed manual to a 1 speed manual, doing some fun clutch stuff and putting a big boy kit on it. It should be a fun bike, if I ever get it finished.

More later!

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