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68 yamaha trailmaster 80

a week or two ago i traded off a stock honda hobbit moped for this 68 yamaha trailmaster. the guy thought it was a trailmaster 100, and since he told me it was i thought so as well, but after doing a bit of interneting i discovered it’s actually a trailmaster 80. i was a bit disappointed, but what can you do?
besides, it’s a rad bike!




it fires right up with kickstart or magic button, and i was able to go up and down the alley with it ok. it runs well, but shifting was tough. not sure if it’s due to the nearly-seized clutch cable or if it’s going to need a little clutch work.
it goes through the gears easy enough, though, so i’m pretty sure it’s nothing catastrophic.

i’m not exactly sure what i’m going to do with this yet, after getting it sorted.
part of me wants to cut it up some and make a little city ripper out of it.
it’s in great shape for it’s age, even though all of the silver bits have been rattle canned, the carquest trailer tail light is screwed on crooked and the whole bike isn’t quite as nice as the pictures would lead you to believe.

but i mean come on, wouldn’t this be a blast?
(_crappy paint mock up_)

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