Let’s try this again

So, I think I may fire up the ol blog again. Why?

Well, I still have a ton of projects going – some of which were started all those years ago when this thing was still active – and having a place to talk about them, post pictures, maybe generate some discussion, would really help with motivation. I think. I’ve always had motivation issues, not cool when you also have a lot of unfinished projects.

Instagram has pretty much taken over the blog thing. Why spend time typing a bunch of words and documenting procedures or a build when you can just snap a quick picture of the finished project, throw on a filter, add some hashtags and get a bunch of likes? I’m guilty too, but I miss how fun these blogs used to be in their heyday.

I figured heck, if it’s still fun for me, why not?

As for the projects –

In the two wheel department I still have a pile of mopeds, an old Harley, a pink and purple glittery KZ750b, and a fuckin Honda Gold Wing bobber thing that I’d love to get to work on.

Also getting super nerdy about bicycles again and I feel like that would be fun to post about.

There’s also my 4 wheeled projects; my little Datsun truck, my Jeep XJ, the A100 van, and the first car I ever bought myself that’ll become what I feel like will one day be my magnum opus – my 73 BMW 2002 that’s getting engine swapped a Nissan VQ350de with a manual 6 speed.

There’s also plenty of non-mechanic life stuff going on that I’d like to post about somewhere sometimes. I know if you’re reading this you’re probably here for the nuts and bolts, but maybe I’ll bust this thing up into different pages for different topics to control the noise a bit or something.

I’m being pretty ambitious here – making a commitment to posting to a dead blog regularly – but right now, in the moment, I feel like it’s something I can do, something that will be fun to do. Hopefully I can, hopefully it will be!

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