2 Responses to “van”

  1. 1 Adam Wed07|0505|2014 at 1:39 pm

    Sweet score, hope to see you and this at Tomahawk, I need to post some pics of this in my Van Club page. Where’s it from and now located?
    Glad I came across your blog. Thanks in advance, Adam.

    • 2 terrydean Wed07|0505|2014 at 1:49 pm

      i don’t think you’ll be seeing this at tomahawk cup, i’m still trying to work it so i can show up myself.
      what’s this van club page you speak of? link it at me!
      i picked it up in salem, drove it to coquille on 4 cylinders and replaced the intake/exhaust manifold gasket, rebuilt the carb and gave it a little tune up. drove it to sacramento and loaded up everything i owned and drove it back to coquille. currently the van and i are living half time at my parents in coquille, and half time at my little brother’s in coos bay.
      it’s looking like i might take up half my brother’s mortgage, so i might be in coos bay full time for a while here pretty soon.


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