halloweener update – ain’t got nothing else to do (part 1)

i have totally slacked on updating this thing for reasons that are many and more and because of that i have a huge backlog of things to post about, which is daunting and becomes another reason for not updating this thing. makes perfect sense, right?

i suppose i’ll pick up where i left off and go from there.
last i visited this thing, i was getting the truck and the ciao ready for the la rally that happened a couple months ago.this is going to be a three parter, i think. pretty sure not many people read this thing, and it would be asking a lot of those who do to have them read this post as one whole thing, so yeah. i’ll split it up for you guys. first i’ll start with the ciao, since i had to dig into that a bit to make it rally ready.

i threw it on my lift and pulled the head to install the decomp valve. it had been removed a couple years ago for a customer’s bike, which is the main reason ciao’s been parked for so long. i lapped the new valve into the head real good, decked the head on some glass real quick to make sure it was still flat. i sprayed on some copper spray gasket and torqued the head back on. went to start it and, surprisingly, it fired right up! it’s been sitting pretty much since september of 2010, so i was expeciting it to need at least a carb clean, but nope! fired up on that old gas and idled no problemo. i decided to clean the carb anyway.



inside of the frame’s kinda a mess. i end up cleaning that up a bit. not like remove dirt, but more like cut metal out and stuff. you’ll see.

21mm straight throuuuugh

ever since i built this bike, i’ve had issues with the float bowl hitting the frame. i cut a bunch of the frame out and switched the race bowl for a plastic bowl so that i could wittle some of it away to get as much clearance as possible, but i’ve still managed to crack a bowl or two from frame flex and stuff. not to mention it has always kept me from having the belt properly set on the rear variator due to the engine not being able to slide back far enough. i never fixed it because i was always too lazy, but i decided that it was time.

it’s down in here where the float bowl hits the frame.

i know it’s not super clear, you’ll just have to take my word for it.

and here you can see how my belt sits like a whole millimeter down into the rear pulley. it’s been this way for like 8 years now! so silly i haven’t fixed it sooner.

so out comes the engine and in goes the angle grinder.

i didn’t really get a before picture (other than the one above), but here’s what it looked like after.

i put the engine and carb back in and yay! i finally have full travel at the rear variator!

i also took care of my idle screw issue. when i built this thing i realized there was no way i was going to be able to get to the idle adjustment screw on the left hand side of the carb, so i just removed it and capped it off. then i tapped the other side thinking i would have room to get to it there. turned out i totally didn’t, so i just capped that side too.

well, i was tired of adjusting my idle with the throttle cable adjustment and having no slack at all in the cable, so i took a phbg idle screw and ground most of the head off. then i cut a new screwdriver slot in it. it finally fit in the frame, but other than getting to it with some long pliers, i couldn’t adjust it really. at this point i decided i was spending way too much time on something so silly, so i cut a window in the frame.


that did it!

stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow!


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