new shocks for the truck

last weekend i spent a couple hours playing with the truck. as i said last time, it burns a little oil (and leaks a bit too – as in quite a bit), so after verifying the pcv valve was ok (a bad one can cause your engine to suck oil from the under the valve cover and dump it into the intake, giving you smokey exhaust and requiring frequent oil top-offs), i figure it’s probably bad rings on one or more of the pistons.

i ran a compression test on all six cylinders and i got quite a spread of numbers in the results; they range from 145psi to 170psi.
however, after doing some homework it would seem that i might be alright there. my reading tells that all cylinders should be within 15% of one another. i coulda sworn it was 20%, at least that’s what i remember from back in my bmw days, but i’m going with what the internet says. internet’s always right.
anyway, 170 x .15 = 25.5 (26 rounded off). 170 – 26 = 144, so my lowest cylinder just cuts it by the skin of it’s teeth (pistons have teeth, btw).
my next lowest reading was 152psi, then 158psi, 168 and two at 170. while having one cylinder just 1psi away from not making the grade is not ideal, it’ll do for now. once i get back from la i’ll plan on doing the rings.

however, it seems like rings probably aren’t my oil consumption problem, which more or less leaves valve guides. they are pretty easy to do on this engine, and with the right tools can be done in like an hour or two without removing the head from the engine. i’m going to buy the tools and plan on doing that before la, but depending on time and such it might have to wait also. i did pick up a case of 10w-30 at costco, so maybe i’ll just bring it along and top up as needed!

i replaced the plugs while i was at it. there were three different types of plugs in the thing, only two being the proper type. oh well, they are all proper now!

see that thing hanging under my dash near the driver door there? kinda what from this angle appears to be right next to the clutch pedal? that’s my ignition switch. i should probably get that taken care of before the trip too, but it’s not a priority at the moment. also, yes, that is the same seat cover that every other old truck ever has.

an issue i discovered when driving home from reno was that both the front shocks were completely blown. L was following me in her scion and said that at times the the front wheels would dribble down the freeway like a basketball. shocks were like $35 for the pair, so i busted that out real quick.
here’s the passenger side shock next to the new one. the old shocks had less resistance than a toy accordion, and since everyone everywhere has a toy accordion i assume you all know what i mean.

driverside old –

driverside new –

the radius arm bushings need replace super bad too, but i’m not sure if that’ll get done before la or not.

the rear shocks seem fine, but i’ll probably replace them anyway since they are so cheap.
i’ve got a 4.10 dana 60 full floating rear end, great for towing and hauling anything but ass. it’s not a fast truck, but i didn’t want a fast truck. i can’t drive 55! no, really. ok, i do 65 comfortably, maybe 70 if i feel like burning money.

the hood hinges are pretty blown out. the springs are fine, but all the pivot points are sloppy and the hood hangs about a foot lower than it should when up, i have an ever-healing cut on my head from constantly running into the hood latch. i’m going to change those soon.

some pictures-





that’s my truck! i took it for a spin to run some errands once i was done and replacing the front shocks made it a whole new truck.

alan and i are going to go hit up a couple pick-n-pulls this weekend and i’ve got a short shopping list of odds and ends i wanna pick up. namely those hood hinges. and maybe a tail light lens. and a non-mix-matched set of plug wires. and possibly a set of rear shocks if i see some that look newish. and a steelie spare wheel with a good tire. and and and an dn adnadn adna dna dnadn adnadn


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