new toy – 1968 ford f250

i’ve been looking for a truck for a while now, and talking about how i needed one even longer. after selling the ninja earlier this month, i was finally in the position to do something.
my criteria was that it had to be 1975 or older (ca smog exempt), two wheel drive, six cylinder and manual. shortbed would have been nice for parking in sf, but that alone would quadruple the price on most trucks, so i wasn’t holding out for one. besides, i knew i’d be happier with a long bed even if it is going to be a bitch to park sometimes.
i had a lead on a 68 f100 short bed in reno, my friend and fellow los dorados member troy was also looking for a truck, so i took a bus over the pass and we went truck shopping.
that f100 ended up being a bust, i had heard about it from don sumpter (who is the latest member of los dorados) – the truck belonged to his neighbor’s coworker’s mother-in-law or something to that effect. apparently the old lady’s husband died a while back and left a couple trucks behind and she wanted them gone. unfortunately, don had no direct line to her and i never got to see the dumb thing.
don was also selling his truck, a 79 ford f150. it was too new and the 6cyl and 4 speed had been replaced with a 352 v8 automatic lump, so i knew it wasn’t for me – though it is a super awesome truck. troy ended up picking it up cheap and is really happy with it, even if he is a little embarrassed by the political commentary on the tailgate.

i was extremely jealous and it really got me pumped to find a truck of my own, i was emailing people with trucks on craigslist from washington state down to southern california. people were getting mad at me because i couldn’t remember which truck they were selling. was that the 72 dodge or the 74 ford?
i finally found what i was looking for. a clean looking 68 f250 on reno craigslist. 300 4.9l inline six with four on the floor. it was sitting over in sparks, the pictures were pretty bad but i could tell it wasn’t super rough (some of the trucks i was looking at were pretty bad).

it was priced about what i was looking to pay at $800 (it was up for $1000 previously, but i had my filter set at $850 so i missed it), so i decided to go for it.
i texted with the guy and he said the first person to show up with $600 can take it. this was a wednesday and i was at work, i texted L to see if she wanted to go to reno for dinner.
we drove to reno after i got off work and by time we got to the place, it was getting dark. the truck looked awesome, though the battery was dead and the guy couldn’t get the truck started.
after a couple hours of messing with it and a new battery, the dude offered me the truck for $500 (what he paid for it, he says) and swears it runs great, he just had it running three days ago.
the whole time i’m telling the guy it’s a bad connection at the battery, so after i agree to take it for $500, i grab his pliers and take apart the hot wire battery terminal and scrape the corrosion out of it and cut the wire back past the corroded part, put it back together and started it up on the first crank.
i drove it up and down his street with a flat front tire (not having power steering it was a bitch) and was in love with it. we exchanged papers and i told him i’d be back on saturday to pick it up.
that saturday L and i drove back to reno and stayed at troy’s. we went to the pick-n-pull and got a new seat for his f150 and some stock steel ford 8 lug wheels for my truck. i hated the chrome chrysler wheels that were on there and it needed tires no matter what, so i figured i’d spend $40 on proper wheels and put tires on those instead. and that’s what i did.
after putting tires on the truck, i took it to troys and crawled around under it for a good hour or so rigging up the brake and tail lights. this thing’s going to need to be completely rewired someday, but it’s good enough for now.
new wheels and tires on, tail and brake lights now working, it was time to head back to sacramento.

the drive went pretty well, though the front shocks were so blown that at random times the wheels would start dribbling down the freeway. i also noticed that oil pressure was getting pretty low, so i stopped and ended up putting three quarts of oil in it. it smokes a bit and is weeping around the oil pan and lifter cover, so it definitely needs some work, but i couldn’t be more happy with it.
i am planning on driving it down to la for the bullies rally at the end of next month, so i have some work to do before then. i’ll have doug and probably troy along with me, it should be pretty exciting!
i hope we make it!


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