moto guzzi trotter is a weirdo, you guys.

lately i’ve been spending what free time i have at the shop working on wrapping up L’s magnum and poking at dirty, but the other day i had ten minutes before having to go catch a megabus back to sac so i decided it was time to pull the trotter out and give it a little quick love. mostly i needed to pull the belt off to see about a replacement.

the belt is delaminating and is a bit shredded. since this is the non-variated trotter, i figure any old v-belt that’s roughly the same size should cut it.
to remove the belt, i removed the six m6 nuts from the studs in the rear split pulley and took the pulley itself apart. i didn’t get pictures of the pulley apart because i was kind of in a hurry and i didn’t think to bust out the camera, but when i put everything back together i’ll be sure to grab some.

the rear pulley is weird (this whole bike is weird), between the two pulley halves is about 8 – 10 shims, spacing the pulley cheeks apart. if one were to leave out a few of the shims, the pulley would be closed up tighter, putting the belt further out, making the rear pulley taller. more spacers and the pulley would be wider, allowing the belt to ride lower and making the pulley shorter. interesting, as you can pretty much change your gearing by leaving out or putting in shims – however, doing so will require different belts as there’s nothing to take up belt slack.
i was able to get a belt that was about 6mm shorter (1/2″x5/16″x27″) for around $5 on mcmaster carr.

since the belt came off in like 3 minutes, i figured i’d pull the clutch apart and check it out real quick. oh man, what a weirdo clutch! this is when i figured i’d better bust out the camera.
it looks normal enough from the outside. some weirdo brand called “SURFLEX” with a neat little logo.

i used my handy flywheel holder tool and popped the nut off, then used one of my pullers from my flywheel puller set (i forget which one) and the clutch came right off.


what the heck! so weird! that’s 100% clutch material on a springy steel split O thing with a metal engagement tab on the clutch’s driver face thingy. so, like, that little metal tab in that split is what drives the whole moped. it is essentially doing the same job as the pins in a puch clutch. the inside of that whole unit acts as the starter clutch drum, similar to what vespa’s got going on in their moped clutches.

this is the starter clutch inside the clutch drum, looks pretty typical. and rusty.

again, nothing special.

and everything laid out. it was actually a little big of work to get that clutch material O ring thing on and off the clutch plate.

the actual drum itself wouldn’t come off the crank. i might not have been putting enough effort into trying to get it off, but i didn’t have a lot of time to be messing with things so i left it alone for the time being.
also, in that picture you can see that weirdo split rear pulley.

hopefully the belt will be in early next week and i can slap it on and be stoked. the bike starts up pretty easily with a drill, but the belt was slipping too much before to pedal start it. maybe with a new belt i can finally ride the sucker around a little!


1 Response to “moto guzzi trotter is a weirdo, you guys.”

  1. 1 andrea990 Mon03|1111|2014 at 8:41 am

    Hi! do I know how much of the flywheel puller you used to remove the clutch?Thanks!


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