gettin dirty – yz80 suspension on dirty general PT4; THE CONCLUSION

last post i kinda showed you my solution to tieing the linked suspension into the general’s frame; a tubesteel loop that mounts to the outside of the swingarm as well as anchors the lower links.

once tieing the lower part of the loop (made from handlebar u-bends and a bit of tube steel i had laying about) into the flat steel swingarm mounts, i needed to figure out a way to mount the lower link to it. after digging around the shop forever i found a pair of generic vespa scooter mirror mounts that did the job well.

after cutting them up a bit they totally worked out perfect.


after welding them on, i cut some more u-bends and tied everything to the frame.

i filled in all the gaps between the handlebar u-bends and the metal plates on the lower half of the loop, and will do the top half later, because i plan to grind everything smooth and make the loop kinda blend into the swingarm mounts. those square plates will get shaped too. it’ll all be smooth and pretty when done.

so the suspension is fully mounted now! that’s exciting.

now to work on getting the engine and transmission all fitted up and worked out.

this is roughly how the hobbit final drive transmission will be mounted in the frame.

i have a brake plate that i shaved all brake related bits and nubs from, though it’s in a box somewhere. for now i’m mocking up with this other brake plate.
as you can see, i have the brake plate inside out from how it would be on a hobbit. i did this because with the brake plate bolted flush to the outside of the frame, it puts the final drive unit right where i want it. i think.


this is one of my ideas, anyway. i have another one kicking around that would put the final drive much more inboard on the frame, but i gotta mess with things some more before i know for sure.
also, i’m waiting on the sprocket adapter i made and sent up to naz in seattle to be shipped back before i can get too serious and start welding up brackets and things.

in the meantime i still need to figure out a steering stop to keep the yz80 forks from smashing the tank and a subframe to support my butt.
hopefully i’ll be able to bust that stuff out in the coming weeks and have this thing ready to roll by 2014! yeah!



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