gettin dirty – yz80 suspension on dirty general PT3

last post i had a little animated gif with the rear of dirty on in one frame, then chopped off in the next with the yz shock stuffed in there, like so –

since then i’ve set about to get the dumb shock mounted in there proper. i just happened to have some flat steel left over from the dirtbag virago laying around that was exactly what i needed.

i really need a drill press –

after some drilling and chopping and welding, i got the upper mount all sorted. it’s not the prettiest thing i’ve ever made, but then again this bike isn’t really meant to be pretty.

the shock is offset on the swingarm by about 1cm to make room for the drive chain, which put the upper mount flush on one side of the frame.

next, and what i’m still working on, is fabbing up a mounting point for the lower link. you can see it just hanging out here –

i explored many different options of doing this, but what i decided on was to build a loop that supports the outside of the swing arm, simular to the way the yz frame would have, and also ties in the lower link.

i chopped up some bars and some random tubing to make the lower loop. yeah, it’s ugly, but that’s alright.

i cut a couple chunks off my flat stock and drilled the centers for the swingarm pivot bolt. i had measured the width of the swingarm before building the loop, so i knew how wide to make it. i’ll notch the loop so that the flat stock rectangles will slide into them, and then weld the three pieces together. it’ll sit like so –

then i’ll use more handlebar u-bends to tie the tops of those rectangle plates into the frame, and more flat stock to tie the lower link into the lower part of the loop.

later on, when i’m mounting my pedal shaft, i’ll probably tie the lower part of the loop into the engine mounts i’ve yet to fabricate. we’ll see how all that goes when i get there.

so here’s dirty sitting pretty much where it’ll be sitting stance wise –


i haven’t had more than maybe two hours a week to work on it lately, so it’s been kinda slow going. i hope to get the swingarm loop done next week, as well as gussetting the frame up near the head tube and fabbing up some kind of steering stop so that the tank doesn’t get beat to death by the fork.

oh yeah! speaking of the tank, i’ve been kinda thinking about what i’m going to do about the gas cap. the stock one is there, but the lock/latch is missing. it’s totally not that important during this part of the build, but it’s something that will need addressing eventually.
last week i bought a box of sachs parts from swoops will d, and he loaded it up with all kinds of random awesomeness, including this! –
the latch/lock for a general gas tank! best part is that it uses the same key as my other general tank. one key for both bikes! that’s awesome.

and that’s it for now. this thing’s a ton of fun to work on, even without access to tools and machines that would make life so much easier. it’s showing me that all i REALLY need to build fun stuff is a welder, a cut off wheel, drill and some c-clamps.


2 Responses to “gettin dirty – yz80 suspension on dirty general PT3”

  1. 1 solex5000 Wed08|0505|2013 at 2:42 pm

    Are you sure you’re going to have enough suspension travel? It’s shaping up to be an awesome bike.

    • 2 terrydean Wed08|0505|2013 at 3:03 pm

      no such thing as enough suspension travel! i’m hoping i can tune this stock suspension to be “ok” for my hefty 150lbs! otherwise it’s more money on aftermarket stuff!


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