gettin dirty – yz80 suspension on dirty general PT2

my headset reamer/facer showed up and i was finally able to get busy getting my fork on.

i can totally see why bike shops charge so much to do this, IT SUCKS. then again, it’s probably not very often bike shops are cutting the cup seats into fresh tubing, they are more typically just cleaning everything up on an existing cup seat. anyway, yeah. even with a generous amount of tap oil, this probably took me a good 45min to do.

the finished product looks a little rough, but it’s actually quite smooth and the cup presses in nicely.


i then attempted to assemble the fork and realized i didn’t cut the head tube short enough still and had to take another centimeter or so off, then re-ream/face the dumb thing. GAH.

i also discovered the steering stem where the bottom race presses on on the yz80 tripple tree is of a much smaller diameter than any moped fork. it’s the same size/thread at the top for the threaded race/nut, but the bottom race is too small. such a stupid oversight.

so i was left doing a lot of measuring with calipers on 100 different fork, texting back and forth with david at treats about different races they had in stock and getting distracted on the internet when i was trying to research different size bearing races, i decided i was being stupid and ordered a shim bearing from
i found one that once pressed on would allow a race that treats had in stock to press on over it. the whole process took me wailing on my park race installation tool with a 16oz hammer, a copious amount of fire and wanging my left hand with that hammer i mentioned just a second ago before everything was seated nice and tight on the fork. then i had to trim off the excess shim so that it wouldn’t hang on the lower cup and it all went together awesomely. almost.

a little bit ago i said i didn’t trim enough off the head tube on the frame and so i had to cut more off, well as it turns out i cut off about 1mm too much. all of the threaded upper bearing races i had would bottom out on the threaded part of the steering stem before getting tight on the bearing. in the end i used another lower race that fit tightly over the steering stem, locked down with a lock nut. it’s the same way the stock yz80 headset works, and once the upper triple was on with the head tube bolt installed and tightened, the thing was together nice and tight and smooth as butter. smooth butter.


here’s most of the bike roughly laid out where everything will go when it’s together.

erm. something like that. and here it is again, but up on two wheels.

next up, that pesky rear suspension. this is gunna be gooooood.



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