L’s maxi pipe coat rack

a few years ago L wanted a coat rack for our place, rather than buy one i figured i would make one. i was still in sacramento at the time working on mopeds for people at the motomatic warehouse and had a couple maxi pipes laying around, so i figured i’d go for it. with some scrounging i found a dented rim and a super shark-toothed rear maxi sprocket and a random header. after some work, this is what i came up with.

i used three headers for the hooks and welded plugs in the ends to cap them off.

for the bottom i cut the dented rim into sections and dressed the ends so they weren’t rough or snaggy, and ground the teeth on the sprocket to be back to more or less normal sprocket tooth shaped (but also not sharp or snaggy) and welded it all together.

the whole thing was cleaned with degreaser and soap and water, but deep down inside the thing there’s still some 30 year old carbon that lingers. i was going to cap the ends of the exhaust pipes if the thing was stinky, but it’s totally not so i didn’t bother.
i’ve always meant to get pictures of it but it’s had stuff hanging on it since the day i brought it home and never had a chance to get any, our move last weekend finally gave me a chance.


3 Responses to “L’s maxi pipe coat rack”

  1. 1 rufus Fri08|0303|2013 at 11:17 am


    Have you seen this puch pipe table I made?


    We could furnish a whole house with stock puch pipe furniture!

  2. 3 Daniel Kastner Fri08|0303|2013 at 12:01 pm

    That is super cool. I have always wanted your Puch table Rufus.


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