scooter city!

erm, not the scoot shop in sac. i just mean i’ve been working on a bunch of old vespas lately. i don’t have internet at the new place in sac yet and our server at the shop took a dump so i haven’t had a chance to update this thing in a few days.

first was this super clean 1964 GL150. i didn’t need to do much to get it running, just a basic service and it was good to go. my boss picked it up to sell, so it’s sitting in a window on the upstairs showroom waiting for it’s next owner.



then was a P200E tear down for paint. this one’s not getting as thorough of a job as the rally, just a quick re-spray.

and last is the rally from previous posts. boss is out right now as i type this picking up our new welding rig, so i spent the last hour or so going over the bike and stripping the paint from around the holes i need to fill and cracks i need to fix, hammering out dents and cutting off parts that gotta go. IMG_0124

i am putting a GL style glove box left rear cowl on this rally, so i trimmed off a bunch of tabs that are no longer needed, namely the upper cowl support/spring seat thing and spare tire mounting brackets.

there was a huge dent in the rear fender under the taillight that i had to hammer out. i’m a total noob with body sheet metal work, but i’m totally stoked to get to do some. it’s not perfect, but there’s a crack around a couple of those holes i have to fix and then i’ll try and do a better job. blurry picture.

i’m also going to be installing a GL style spare tire mount behind the leg shield since i’ve gotten rid of the stock mounts.

that’s about all i’ve got at the moment. i should have internet at the new house on sat, and welder access here at the shop finally, so hopefully that means i’ll get to finally dig into that sr250, dirty and a few other projects that have been taking up space.



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