new front for laguna gpr pt.2

today was a super unproductive day. kind of a bummer. i did stop by treats and picked up some tires and the fork legs for the laguna, however.
i didn’t get any pictures of putting things together, it really wasn’t that exciting or picture worthy. i just pulled the triple from the frame and cleaned up the bearings, re-packed them in grease and put it all back together.


i decided to use ebr headlight ears instead of the derbi ones. they are pretty rough and don’t fit tight on the fork at all. who ever put it together last time used some goo to keep them from moving around too much on the fork legs, and that shit was a bitch to clean off. i’m pretty sure the headlight ears will be mostly covered by the dash anyway, so whatever.


figuring out wheel spacers was a bitch. i don’t really have the means of cutting precise spacers at the moment, so i just collected a bunch of various spacers for this size axle and got it as close as i could. as you can see above, it’s pretty darn close.

i’m not super stoked on the brake rotor spacing. it sits really close to the wheel and pretty far from the fork leg. i’m not exactly sure what i’ll be doing about that just yet. i want to do some work to that rotor adapter before this thing is done anyway, so i’ll figure it out later.



the stock axle was way too long. i found a shorter one but even that was too long, i had to use spacers on the outside of the fork legs too. super ghetto. i’ll be ordering up a proper axle and some spacer material to do the whole thing right.

tomorrow i’m moving to sacramento. i got a 3 bed room house with a detached garage with an added on shed thing and a back yard for $100 less a month than i pay for my super crappy stuido here in sf. my commute is going to suck, but it’ll be worth it to have a nice place finally.
my buddy ryan has a welder and a compressor he’s going to let me use, so i should be able to finally move forward on a few of these projects. i’m pretty excited! i hope to get something finished soon!


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