new front for laguna gpr pt.1

i was able to throw the laguna on my lift today. i’m picking up some puch magnum hydro ebr fork legs tomorrow from treats, they are the same diameter as the stock laguna legs and will go right in the tripples.


the disk brake set up is pretty interesting. it was a good idea, but kinda poorly executed. who ever did it made an aluminum cylinder that fits pretty snug in the brake drum area and bolted it to the wheel using three allen bolts. then the disk itself is bolted to the other side of the aluminum cylinder.





the threads for the bolts are all just tapped into the aluminum and not in the best shape. i will probably drill them out and use helicoils to get some good steel threads in there. also, i’m a little concerned with those three bolts being stout enough to not ever snap, so i may swap them out with some higher grade stainless bolts, maybe even replace them with a larger size.
i just realized i didn’t get a picture of the back of the wheel with the disk adapter out, but the three bolt holes have been drilled through three flat spots similar to the five spots you can see on further out on the back of the wheel.
does that even make sense? whatever.

also, the stock fork legs are for sale if anyone wants them. get at me here if you want them. they have been rebuilt not all that long ago and the fork lowers were powdercoated black. i would replace the oil and put crush washers under the drain bolts on the lowers, as there should be some there but there isn’t. they were leaking.


no rust or pitting anywhere.


this is where i left it, i think i’ll stop by treats and grab the forks along with some other goodies in the morning on my way to work and throw them in first thing. it’ll finally have a proper caliper mount!



3 Responses to “new front for laguna gpr pt.1”

  1. 1 Devin Tue05|1111|2013 at 8:47 pm

    Do you still have the stock laguna fork legs?


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