1971 moto guzzi trotter

i totally got the guys at the shop today. i was like “GUYS! I’M BUYING A MOTO GUZZI!” they were all “OH NICE WHAT IS IT” and i was like “YOU’LL HAVE TO WAIT AND SEEEEE!”
like an hour later my little trotter shows up in the back of this girl’s truck and it was fun to watch everyone’s reactions. it was a lot of PPPFFFSSHHH’s and HAHAHAHA’s. it was great.



after work i put it up on my lift to see what i could see. the first thing i did was check for spark and found none. i popped the fly wheel off, filed the points and sanded the rust off the little internal hi-tension coil. slapped the flywheel back on and it had awesome spark.



i figured the carb was going to need to be cleaned, but i thought i would put some premix in it to see if it would start up. it was stuck in bicycle mode and took a some work and lubrication to get the lever that switched it from moped and bicycle mode to function, but i got it. however, it was a bitch trying to pedal start the thing while working the decomp and pulling on throttle cable, so i quickly gave that up. i put it back into bicycle mode and grabbed the drill.

dr. rob was visiting and he took a video of it firing up.

that’s about as far as i got with it tonight. i need to pull the carb and clean it so it will idle on it’s own and replace every cable before i can ride it around at all.
i did learn some things about it when i was researching it the other night. this is the special M model, which means it’s the single speed version. there is also a special V model version of the trotter with the same engine, only rather than two fixed pulleys it has a variator up front with a spring loaded rear pulley. it would have been RAD if this was a V but it’s an M so it’s only rad.
i learned a bit more about the trotters but nothing that’s really relevant to mine so i’ll not bother talking about it.
here are some photos!

happy rob



it’s not a runner, a sprinter or a galloper, it’s a trotter.

raaad tail light



so yeah! another project! great!



9 Responses to “1971 moto guzzi trotter”

  1. 1 mike biery Fri22|0202|2013 at 9:23 pm

    love this. when are moped nerds going to figure out that its all about the slow weird bikes.

  2. 3 Skunk Adam Fri22|0202|2013 at 10:23 pm

    You do realize your background image appears to be a treats kitted Maxi, right? Is this sarcasm that I’m not catching? Oh, internet, you slay me.

    Sweet Moto Guzzi, dude! Why are the fins oriented that way, though? Did it have a fan or something? It doesn’t look like the flywheel would take a fan attached to it..

    • 4 terrydean Fri22|0202|2013 at 10:26 pm

      dude i totally got that gilla from 77, i don’t know what you’re talking about

      as for the fan/flywheel question, i posted on ma about that and, of course, didn’t get any worth while information. i’m still trying to find some solid info about this thing, there’s not much out there.
      there are three threaded holes on the fly wheel, but who knows if they are there for this model or what, you know?

  3. 6 Anthony Buhay Sat23|0202|2013 at 12:00 am

    yeah those fins are oriented like that probably for a fan and shroud thats missing.

    The threaded holes on the flywheel i believe would be for the fan to mount onto like on a minarelli engine. ja knoe? plastic or possibly a metal Fan would be on there! thats the only reason why those fins would be mounted that way… Maybe try fitting a minarelli fan on there lol maybe itd fit… maybe the whole shroud would fit too… but probably not.

    Those notches ontop the flywheel tho… ive always wondered about those.. one of my bikes has em… i always assumed they were there for timing purposes or balancing issues..


    • 7 terrydean Sat23|0202|2013 at 12:03 am

      those notches/shallow holes in the fly where are indeed for balancing.

      common sense tells me this thing is supposed to run a fan, i just wish i could find a manual or exploded diagram or something for the dumb thing.

  4. 8 istvan Leiner Sat15|0707|2017 at 11:03 am

    Hello, I have a trotter from 1966 i think, How do i adjust the gears? thanks;


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