rally torn down + dirty’s dirty shock

not too exciting i suppose, but that rally from the last post is just about ready to go to paint. gotta stuff the cables and wires into the frame, remove a few more little things and it’s off.



also, the yamaha yz80 rear shock finally showed up. it was $10 shipped, though i’m wishing i had spent a bit more and got a nicer one.

the seller said it was in good shape and ready to bolt on and go, but i’m not so sure. i can’t compress it at all with just my weight. not sure if i should be able to or not, but i fell like i should be able to.

i guess i’ll just clean it up and see how it works? i won’t be too bummed about tossing $10 if it ends up being trash.

that’s pretty much the last piece of the suspension puzzle, now to get to cutting and welding!
erm, once the welder arrives, that is. haaa


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