so it’s time for the laguna’s piston port to go.
every bolt holding that engine in was loose and covered in oil. the pipe was barely on there. this bike has had issues in the past with loosing exhaust nuts and i can see why, there’s not much room in there to get a wrench on anything! i would use those long allen nuts on this thing if i were going to keep the engine.

having never removed the engine from a laguna, i didn’t realize the swing arm pivot bolt had to come out, and that the kickstand/rear engine bracket thing was all together. kinda neat? anyway, it all came out easy enough.

new lump next to old lump. the gpr engine is quite a bit shorter.

i set the engine in the frame to get a look at things. it fits nicely! this is going to be a piece of cake! with some simple plate brackets welded to the frame the engine will go right in. sprockets line up perfect.


the engine is sitting in there a bit more forward than it will when it’s mounted i think, i have a ton of room to put it where i want to.

so yeah, the engine with the puch gila kit, custom atomic mopeds intake and derbi pipe modified to fit the gila are all up for grabs. i’ll probably post it in the buy/sell on moped army soon, but friends get dibs (if you reading this i consider you my friend! probably).
also up for grabs are the laguna plastics. the left hand side plastic has the bottom tab broken off, but i think the tab is still bolted to the bike, so one could possibly plastic weld them back together.

the engine looks right at home in the laguna. i love that it says derbi all over it too, once it’s all mounted it’ll look like it came this way from spain.


5 Responses to “LAGUNA GPR Y’ALL”

  1. 1 wes david Sat16|0202|2013 at 3:29 pm

    how much for the engine? for wes in las vegas 7 oh 2 767 5716

  2. 2 wes david Sat16|0202|2013 at 3:29 pm

    the old engine

  3. 4 Sethk Sun17|0202|2013 at 8:49 am

    i saw your MA post and was wondering what was going in the PPs place. looks perfect. im surprised nobody has thought of this before.


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