derbi laguna gpr

i moved my tool box upstairs into the moped shop area which allowed me to finally rip the engine out of the gpr. i didn’t get any pictures of that, but it was a bitch. remember the first time you tried to re-install the engine in a ciao? how frustrating and impossible that was? this was like that, but worse.
then i realized i was doing it wrong and the dumb thing came right out.

i put the gpr in the corner and put the laguna up on my lift. that’s where things sit at the moment, but i think i’ll go in tomorrow and pull the engine out of it. it’ll be up for grabs if someone wants it, along with the pipe and probably a few other laguna goodies! get at me and we’ll talk money!

the piston port moped engine is quite a bit longer than the gpr 6 speed lump, which means it should go in relatively easy with extra room inside the frame for the radiator.

some preliminary plans include a hand made sheet metal tail section that may include the exhaust baffle, possibly hand made sheet metal tins for the sides, and maybe even a mini fairing, similar to what it already has, but not broken and awkward.
a nice fork will be in the works, with a better front brake, maybe some handle bars instead of clip-ons. we’ll see!

oh man, i have so many fun projects going on!


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