new front for dirty

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dirty fork

if you used to visit the destroymopeds blog, you probably remember dirty, the 2-speed sachs powered AMS moped i picked up for $30 from a hillbilly at a small engine shop a couple years ago.

this bike is getting my vx4 engine, hooked to a hobbit final drive mounted mid-frame with a chain and sprocket final-final drive to the rear wheel, kinda like a derbi moped, but way better.

the intention all along was to make dirty a kind of dirt-ped, one that could run laps around pretty much any other moped out there (on or off road — lookin at you, dan k., with you’re pretty little diablo), and if i can get it done in time i might just have the chance at 77’s 2013 dirtped challenge! some off road race thing dan is dreaming up.

the hydraulic ebr moped forks are great for road going bikes, but i need something taller with more travel for what i want to do with this bike, so i figure i should try out some small displacement dirtbike forks and see how i like them, and for less than $50 shipped i won’t be too bummed if these 86 yz80 forks end up not working out.

the shop is supposed to be getting a mig welder soon, so i’ll be able to finally finish up the frame. or, if i end up leaving town before we get a welder, i’ll just have to finish up when i get situated back in sac.



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