mini magnum!

since i’m waiting on figuring out parts for the sr250, last night i pulled down L’s magnum to start with the minification.

i picked up a set of maxi length magnum ebrs and a set of maxi length shocks and started tearing into it.

the shocks went on real easy, of course. the ones i grabbed are rad because they have 10mm and 8mm inserts for the mounting hardware, they came with the 10mm installed but i swapped them out for the 8.

i’ve never pulled a pair of these magnum hydro forks apart before, they are great! the best quality fork i’ve seen come on a moped. i was going to try and sell them off, but i may hold on to them.

the new forks went on super easy. i pickle forked the inner bearing race off the stock triple tree and installed it on the ebrs. it was a nice and tight fit, no need for a spacer!
i was also stoked to see the stock fork covers/headlight ears fit right onto the new fork! the up and down spacing isn’t perfect, but i can make it work with a little trying.

i also threw on the pair of $16 bikemaster bars i had originally planned to put on the sr. i like them on the magnum though, so they may stay! i’ll cut them down, of course.

now it’s just a little guy! those 300mm shox might be a bit too small. maybe i’ll grab some 320s and try them out.


as you can see, the rear fender is kinda weird to look at now that the wheel’s all up in it’s face. i have a couple ideas as to how to deal with that. i’d rather not trim the original fender, so i may end up removing it all together. we’ll see!

now i’m left with this rad bench-side cup holder. if anyone needs/wants a rubber magnum dash in great shape, let me know! same goes for the forks and fender, as i’m not quite 100% on keeping them just yet.


next is to simplify the wiring, vinegar the tank, clean the carb and oil injector, a little mini tune including a new chain and cables, and to get the darn thing running!


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