L’s puch magnum

a few months ago i got an email from someone looking to sell a couple mopeds that used to belong to his grandpa. i told him that i was interested in seeing some pictures.
it totally blew my mind when he sent a couple pictures of two nearly mint 78 puch magnum mkIIs. i figured the guy was going to want a ton of money, but when i asked what he was looking to get he said he was hoping for $400– for the pair of them!
needless to say, the very next day i enlisted the help of my buddy maitland and his truck and we went and picked them up.




i sold the one that was a little bit more rough with more miles (~1400 or so) and held on to the other one with only 200 miles on it. now i’m going to build it for L so that she will have a moped to ride. i’m hoping the sr will be great for her, but a little magnum will be nice to build confidence on. plus she’ll have a moped for rallies.



i almost hate to do anything to such a clean magnum, but whatever. i’m going to put maxi length ebrs and shocks on it, some shorter bars and possibly a disk brake on the front.
the engine will stay stock for now. it MIGHT get a pipe, but probably not right away. a stock za50 should get L’s 95lbs around town ok for now, i think.


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