sr twofiddy parts

i’ve had most of this stuff sitting on my desk at work for quite a while now. i’m nearly done collecting parts!


progressive 340mm shocks with 70/120 springs, new fork seals and gators (wipers aren’t available in 31mm apparently), shorty sausage muffler, new keyed ignition and a fancy shorai battery! i also got some super big alum dirtbike bars that i don’t really like, so they won’t be sticking around.

once i had the bike running okish, i started to tear it apart. this is how it’s currently sitting on my lift.



my buddy/coworker tony gave me a chain and i threw it on before i got it running. there was no way i was going to ride it around with the stock, mostly rusted solid chain.
he gave it to me because it’s been sitting on a shelf for years as most modern bikes don’t have such short wheelbases as older bikes like the sr. since we haven’t been able to sell it for the last 10 or however many years he’s had it sitting on a shelf, he said if it fit i could have it, and it fit perfect! i only had to cut one link out! also, look at that wacky sprocket.

i’m going to build my own wiring harness, mount the ignition in the frame under the seat, probably chop the frame off behind the shock mounts and weld in a loop of sorts and cut off the passenger peg loops and other tabs i won’t be needing.

i have a mikuni vm32 on the way to replace the leaky stock cv unit. i’ll probably be running a uni filter because, while they look cooler, k&n filters suck. the carb, filter and pipe will be all of the “performance” stuff i’ll be doing to the bike, and i’m only doing that stuff out of convenience.
the stock aribox is ugly and takes up the whole under-seat frame area.
the stock carb is leaky and will flood the engine, even after adjusting the float height and replacing the needle. rebuild kits aren’t available, and while i could buy each piece individually, it would be a pain in the butt. the vm was like $60 new, and it means i get to toss the cv carb. i hate cv carbs.
the stock pipe is rather rusty, and has a goofy pancake muffler that takes up the space under the swing arm between the rear tire and engine, the space where i want to relocate my battery box. i am, however, reusing the header.

i cut the baffle off just past the weld, making sure not to cut all the way through.

my cheapo jcwhitney muffler fits perfect!

i mocked it up on the bike.


i think it looks great, and gives me the space i need under the swing arm for my battery box. i’ll probably paint the pipe in bbq black, masking off the muffler cos it’s shiny, and maybe put some red inside the muffler. we’ll see. doing the pretty stuff is a long way off.

i mocked up the general tank too, didn’t get pictures though. i have some interference with the frame and the tank tunnel. not sure if it’ll be worth the work to get a general tank on there. it would look perfect, though! just the right size. we’ll see!


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