81 yamaha sr250

here is the 81 sr250 i pickd up for L on the day i dragged it into the shop. bought it from a guy for $250, the bike has less than 2k miles on it and was last registered in 81.



the idea is to strip it down and make it as small, light and simple as possible. L’s tiny, so she needs a small bike to get going on.

really, i would have liked to find her a 125 to begin with, but the sr is a small bike and will hopefully work well for her.

with a carb clean and some fresh gas, i was ripping up and down the ally on it. 30 year old tires and sticky brakes made for a fun experience, and the front of the bike felt like it wanted to twist to the left when i got on the front brake. it’s a total death trap. i love it.

stuff in store-
-strip all that crazy 80’s mini-cruiser stuff off the bike, including the pizza box
-some little mid-rise bars
-low, thin seat
-general 5 star moped tank
-19″ wheels front and rear
-some long shocks out back
-gunna try and reduce travel and height in the forks when i rebuild them (as you can see, they were already pushed way up into the triple trees to make them lower)
-little moped headlight
-aftermarket muff on that pipe
-vm mechanical slide carb (hate cv carbs)
-and more!

(_shitty paint mock up_)
this is going to be a super fun project.


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